Saurav Sharma

Saurav Sharma

My Journey

Saurav has over 20+ years of expertise leading cross-country teams in the corporate world. As a corporate executive, I served as an IT manager in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia, India, and the United Arab Emirates. I found a passion for assisting young champions and business leaders with career and business growth during my corporate journey, and I have assisted over 1000 people with career and business growth.

Many people battle to balance their personal and professional lives because the corporate world demands a lot of time from them. Work-life balance, health, and desires all suffer as one advances in the ranks, leaving the individual in a continuous state of mental stress.

Even as an employee, he was able to maintain a sense of balance in his life and coach others who were following their dreams. His methods are extremely effective, and people respect his expertise.

It was a blessing in disguise, and Saurabh chose to follow his passion for coaching people full-time and leave the corporate world. His sessions incorporate a lot of hands-on learning, and the outcomes are fantastic. A cheerful, excellent listener, nonjudgmental, and goal-oriented.