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The Importance of Entrepreneurial Mental Health

Entrepreneurs are the life line of the economy. In recent survey it was found that 582 million people are aspiring entrepreneurs and this number is ever increasing.

Entrepreneurship is exciting as well as brings many challenges along with it. One needs be mentally strong, balanced, healthy to overcome many

Challenges such as socio-economic, ever increasing competitions, Big players entering markets, less margins and proper use of resources.

Entrepreneurs Mental Health recent Survey suggests that :-

  •  30% of entrepreneurs are struggling with Clinical Depression
  •  27% of entrepreneurs suffer severe Anxiety
  •  29% of entrepreneurs experienced ADHD

This survey reveals very serious demand of taking care of Mental health for entrepreneurs. Mental health must be priority so as to enable them managing their businesses and lives in a balanced, healthy & happy way.

The sensitivity of entrepreneurs for mental health issues

Above statistics shows how vulnerable are entrepreneurs in case of mental health challenges. It must be addressed sooner than later. The vulnerability of mental health crisis increases when there is

  • Lack of personal care to manage the stress
  • Managing the constant uncertainty with the business
  • Unexpected social isolation
  • A lack of awareness of seeking professional help

These above mentions points may resonates with any of us. It is necessary to know the importance of good mental health.

Importance of health of Human mind

“Health is Wealth”

Mental health is most ignored but most important aspect for human beings. It effects our Psychological as well as physiological behaviors. It impacts our responses, actions, reactions & decisions. Here is the list of benefits of healthy mental being

  • Clear Directions
  • Increase productivity
  • Confidence increases
  • Can tackle situations efficiently
  • Decision making improves
  • Handle adverse situations well and come out strong
  • Be a winner

If you are an entrepreneur, please take mental health on priority. There are many ways to keep mental health in its superb form. adopt one or more from them.

For e.g Morning Yoga or deep breathing for a couple of minutes, multiple times a day can give huge positive and balanced energy to manage your daily way too effectively.

Morning physical exercises can help reduce the negative hormone and create a more positive hormone Dopamine.

Coronavirus has significantly damaged businesses. During these times of adversaries, take better care of your mental health. Learn digital ways to promote business, Stay in connection with your well-wishers

Seek professional help to overcome the issues and come out stronger with better business/life management. If you know someone struggling with business building or needs helps with mental health issues, connect them with us, or if you have a story about mental health, share it with us, Always remember, mental health is the top priority.

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