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7 Benefits of having a Mentor

If you’re wondering, ‘Why do I need a mentor?’, we’ve got seven good reasons for going to find one.


Reasons to have a Mentor…

1. You’ll be your own boss in every aspect of your life

We all want things to happen the way we want them to happen. With the help of a Mentor you can get over the deep hidden fears within and can unleash the true potential within.

2. You’ll have better Mental Health

3. You’ll make more money

When you are in control, instead of fears, you’ll see the opportunities around and better ways to grow.

If you are in job, you’ll be in demand. If you are running your own business, you’ll be able to focus on the opportunities.

4. You’ll have an accountability partner or a True friend

Research by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee found that a mentor and mentee-relationship without rapport is like having no mentor at all. A mentor is a person with whom you can share your personal and professional concerns and get help to overcome them.

5. You’ll Unleash your True Potential

Since birth, we all were taught to survive. Survival is the least thing we should be focusing on, however, the entire world population is feeding on it. A mentor can help release those unnecessary fears and put you forward gears to find your true self.

6. You’ll have a better Work/Life Balance

Working with a mentor can help you have more time available to you every day. 24 hrs are enough to manage your Business/personal/Physical/Social/Spiritual health. We have more than 64000 thoughts every day out of which 90% are negative, unproductive, and unnecessary, a mentor can help remove those negative thoughts and keep only the desired ones.

7. You’ll keep learning

Most of the top leaders, and senior colleagues will tell you, they have mentors. We are never too experienced to learn from others. If you know someone who needs help, con

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